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About Us

We are Via Austroboreal e.V. an organisation based in Berlin with activities in Europe and Latin America. Our members are professionals of diversified expertise who together are complementary in their work to achieve the same goal: to promote just, inclusive, and sustainable development. We all have a strong commitment to populations and ecosystems in situations of vulnerability and risk. We carry out projects that impact both urban and rural settlements - wherever there is life and a need for support.

What we do

Through our topics of interest we seek to establish permanent collaboration and cooperation between Europe and countries with more constrained development opportunities, especially but not limited to our countries of origin (Brazil, Peru, Chile, Spain). We implement strategies for projects that promote responsible and foresightful use of natural and human resources, enabling a sustainable and friendly development with communities, territories and ecosystems. We also do consultancy for the development of public policies and strategic socio-urban plans. We all have a strong commitment to populations and ecosystems in situations of vulnerability and risk. We carry out projects that impact both urban and rural environments - wherever there is life and a need for support.


Education for Climate Justice in Vale do Ribeira


The project’s objective is to share technical-scientific knowledge and educational methodologies that promote action for climate justice in a school located in a territory marked by socio-economic vulnerability. Schools are supported in adapting the curriculum through questioning, participating, innovating the education system and promoting social, environmental and climate justice.

Nature-based Solutions EPOS DAAD Workshop ​


The workshop was carried out by 2811, Bluoverda e.V. and Weltweit e.V. with our participation. It consisted of an introductory web seminar for EPOS DAAD students as their first approach to Nature-based Solutions for developing projects and strategies in urban areas.  They learned to identify challenges and opportunities in different areas around the world, especially their homecountries. 

National Policy of Urban Development in Iporanga​


About 80% of Iporanga are conservation units, 50% of which are fully protected. The population has limited access to basic services and infrastructure. The event presented the national urban development policy (PNDU) and extracted the perspective of representatives of these communities in Iporanga for the construction of the sustainable urban development goals (SDG 11).



The lack of citizen participation in the process of granting the use of the natural park “PETAR” (Parque Estadual da região do Alto Ribeira) carried out by the state of sao paulo, led the population to mobilize against it. Ana Beatríz Nestlehner, together with other important actors, organized a movement to demand a participatory and transparent process that seeks to prioritize the well-being of the local population as well as the protection of biodiversity.

Climate Justice Camp in Berlin


Climate Justice Camp Berlin! is a two-day camp experience for adolescents between ages 13 and 19 where they will have the opportunity to share, learn, teach, and debate about the diverse challenges that we face in fighting the consequences of climate change as a community.Through project-based learning and co-creation of solutions, the participants will be able to discuss the injustices this crisis is creating in our world, in our neighbourhoods, and between each other. This camp aims to propel an engaging, fun, safe, and accessible space for youths for them to be comfortable and involved in the discussions around current socio-ecological issues.

Our Group

Josefa Zavala

MA Research Training Program in Social Sciences

Daniela Raffo

Architect and Urbanist
MSc. Urban Management

Ana Garcia

Civil Engineer
MSc. Urban Management

Julissa Rios

ESG & Sustainability Specialist
MSc. Urban Management

Juliana Rivas


MSc. Urban Management

Ana Beatriz Nestlehner

Architect and Urbanist
MSc. Urban and Regional Planning

Cibele Kojima

Urban Planner
MSc. Urban and Regional Planning

Yumi Neder

Architect and Urbanist
Social Psychologist
MSc. Urban Management

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