Gender Perspectives in Urban Development


Emphasizing Inclusive Planning and Diverse Community Needs

This course, funded by the DAAD, was designed for EPOS (Entwicklungspolitisch orientierte Studiengänge,” which is German for “Development-Related Postgraduate Courses) students or alumni involved in urban development, with a focus on integrating gender perspectives into city planning and community projects. It aimed to empower participants to create inclusive and equitable environments, emphasizing gender considerations. Through the analysis of global case studies, the course highlighted the challenges and opportunities of gender issues in diverse urban settings.

Structured in four modules, the curriculum provided tools and knowledge for developing gender-focused urban projects. It emphasized a collaborative and non-hierarchical approach, encouraging participants to share their experiences and learn from each other.

Moving beyond a prescriptive formula, the course recognized the unique needs of different communities. Participants learned to critically analyze urban issues through a gender lens, aligning their projects with Sustainable Development Goals related to gender equality and sustainable cities.

Emphasizing intercultural respect and non-discrimination, the course fostered an environment of mutual respect and open dialogue, essential for tackling complex urban and gender-related challenges.

Status: Completed